Ayurvedic Syrups

  1. Ayurvedic Acidity Relief Syrup

    Specification :-

    Bhringraj ( Eclipta Alba )                      500 mg
    Pudina (mentha Piperrita)                   300 mg
    Chavya (Piper Chaba )                         300 mg
    Chitrakmool (plumbago Zeylanica )    200 mg
    Triphala                                                200 mg
    Patol patra ( Trichosanthies dioica )   200 mg
    Jethimadh ( Glycyrrhiza Glabra )         200 mg
    Jeera (ciminum cyminum )                     50 mg
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  2. Ayurvedic Family Tonic

    This Ayurvedic Family Tonic is recommended for both adults and children as it increases immune- competence. Contain Amla which is a rich source of vitamin C, this tonic helps in increasing the resistance of body against infection. Regular intake of this tonic brings back the sense of well being in the body. 100% herbal and natural, this tonic also enhances resistance against anxiety and stress. Ashwagandha used in this tonic prevents and treats a number of diseases by restoring a healthy balance of life & environment. In addition, it is also a natural source of calcium, iron & vitamin- C.
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  3. Ayurvedic Cough Syrup

    Since our rise, we are instrumental in offering Ayurvedic Cough Syrup that is available in various packaging options as per the diverse needs of the clients. This syrup soothes inflamed & congested mucosa , relieves bronchial spasms and reduces f rejuvenates requency & severity of cough. Formulated under the utmost hygienic conditions by our adept professionals using optimum quality basic herbal ingredients, this syrup is totally safe with no sedation. Proposed Ayurvedic Cough Syrup is available in diverse packaging options to meet the exact needs of clients.
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  4. Ayurvedic Stone Remover Syrup

    Specification :-

    PUNARNAVA        400mg
    SWET PARPATI    400mg
    TILKSAR              400mg
    VIAVARNA            380mg
    GOKHRU              380mg
    PASANBHED        380mg
    SARSAPARILLA   380mg
    CHHADILA          380mg
    KULTHI               380mg
    MANJISTHA        380mg
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  5. Ayurvedic Sugar Free Cough Syrup

    Ayurvedic Sugar Free Cough Syrup

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  6. Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic

    The Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic is specially formulated and developed to strengthen the uterus system. This tonic is useful in conditions such as infertility, menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is also useful in Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia and Oligomenorrhea. The tonic is formulated using a variety of rare herbs that supports uterine function and reduce the risk of vaginal infections. It is completely free from harmful chemicals and drugs.
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  7. Ayurvedic Digestion Syrup

    Ayurvedic Digestion Syrup is very useful in conditions such as indigestion, loss of appetite and flatulence. An herbal tonic for optimizing digestive functions, the syrup enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes, stimulates appetite and improves digestion. It also improves the absorption of food in the stomach. The 100% herbal and natural formula of this syrup induces a relaxing effect on the muscles of the digestive tract, thus relieving any uncomfortable abdominal muscle spasms. It also promotes expulsion of gas from the intestines and relieves bloating of the stomach.
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  8. Ayurvedic Female Uterine Tonic

    Specification :-

    Asoka chhal (Saraca indica) 100mg
    Aswagandha (Withania somnifera)  100mg
    Dashmool  80mg
    Shatavar (Asparagus racemosus)  80mg
    Dhaiphool (Woodfordia floribunda) 80mg
    Triphala 50mg
    Lodhar (Symplocos racemosa) 50mg
    Bharingraj (Eclipta alba) 50mg
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  9. Ayurvedic Acidity Syrup

    This Ayurvedic Acidity Syrup is a 100% herbal remedy for the problems of digestion system. It provides instant relief from various digestive problems such as gas, acidity, hyper-acidity and indigestion. In addition, it also provides quick relief from the related symptoms such as abdominal distention, flatulence (gas), and heartburn. The herbal ingredients added in this syrup improve the digestive function and protect mucosa from ulceration, promoting the healing of ulcers.
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  10. Ayurvedic Immunity Enhancer Syrup

    Specification :-

    Aswagandha     900mg
    Safed mushli    900mg
    Draksha           900mg
    Triphala           900mg
    Punarnava       800mg
    Shatavari         500mg
    Vidharikand     500mg
    Gokhru            400mg
    Bhui amla       400mg
    Bharingraj      400mg
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  11. Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup

    Our Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup is highly effective in treating problems like skin eruptions, impurities in the blood, boils, pimples, itching, heat rashes, nose bleeding, chronic and temporary constipation and measles. It is also very useful as a diuretic agent. Prepared with 100% natural essential blood purifying elements and herbs, this syrup ensures complete relief from acne, pimples and blemishes from face. It is an excellent herbal remedy for a wide range of skin diseases.
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  12. Ayurvedic Ashwagandha Syrup

    Specification :-

    Ashawagandha :  350 mg
    Vidarikand :  200 mg
    Bhringraj:  150 mg
    Brahmi:  150 mg
    Giloy:  100 mg
    Shilajit Shudha:  50 mg
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  13. Shankhpushpi Syrup

    Shankhpushpi Syrup is a 100% natural and ayurvedic remedy for enhancing memory and brainpower. It is also used as an adjuvant and supportive therapy in various diseases such as mental retardation, epilepsy, hypertension (high blood pressure) and dementia. Highly beneficial in conditions such as forgetfulness, mental weakness, low retention power and memory loss, this syrup has its main effects on brain and nerves. It contains Shankhpushpi which is also known as Convolvulus Pluricaulis as a primary ingredient and Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) as secondary ingredient.
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  14. Ayurvedic Joint Pain Syrup

    Ayurvedic Joint Pain Syrup is a specially blended herbal medicine, specially formulated to complement the body natural ability of providing fast, safe and effective comfort from pain and irritation of common rheumatoid arthritis. It is very useful in reducing pain and inflammation. Helps protect the production of naturally occurring endorphins and encephalin which are pain killers; this syrup is 100% natural, prepared from a variety of rare herbs. Some of the benefits of this syrup include relief from stiffness, reduced edema in the joints and relief in the pain without side effects.
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  15. Ayurvedic Liver Syrup

    Having both quality and client centric approach, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide array of Ayurvedic Liver Syrup. This syrup is formulated using optimum quality herbal ingredients by our skilled professionals. Provided syrup is extensively demanded for curing acidity and liver problems. Moreover, this Ayurvedic Liver Syrup can be bought from us at feasible prices.
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  16. Ayurvedic Stamina Booster Syrup

    Specification :-

    Ashwagandha      250 mg
    Shatavar              180 mg
    Kaunch beej        165 mg
    Gokhru                165 mg
    Salampunja         100 mg
    Safed mushli       100 mg
    Talamkhana        100 mg
    Akarkara             50 mg
    Shilajit Shuddha  50 mg
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  17. Areetone Family Tonic

    Specification :-

    Kauch ext. (Mucuna pruriens)                      100mg
    Arjun ext. (Terminalia arjuna)                       100mg
    Safed mushli ext. (Asparagus adscendens)  100mg
    Vidarikand ext. (Ipomoea digitata)               100mg
    Pipramool ext. (Piper longum)                        50mg
    Sonth ext. (Zingiber officinale)                       30mg
    Kali mirch ext. (Piper nigrum)                        30mg
    Piper ext. (Piper longum)                               30mg
    Loh bhasma soluble                                       25mg
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  18. Ayurvedic Energy Syrup

    This Ayurvedic Energy Syrup is highly useful as an energy and immunity booster supplement. 100% herbal in composition, this syrup contains multi- vitamins and multi- minerals that are essential for healthy living. The syrup also prevents and heals number of ailments that are caused due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals in body. The energy syrup is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Folic acid, Calcium, Vitamin K, Iron and Chlorophyll.
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  19. Ayurvedic Sugar Free Family Tonic

    Specification :-

    a) Helps to slow down aging.
    b) increases physical fitness and reduces fatigue.
    c) Provides immunomodulatory Properties.
    d) Enhance the body's immunity.
    e) improves digestion and assimilation.
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