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Ayurvedic Tablets

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine

    We bring forth a wide range of Ayurvedic Medicine for various ailments. Contain 100% natural composition; these medicines are prepared using some of the rare herbs that have various benefits on the body. Free from steroids and preservatives, these medicines are offered to clients in excellent packing at highly competitive prices. The medicines are known to provide instant relief in various conditions.
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  2. Ayurvedic Diarrhoea Tablet

    Ayurvedic Diarrhoea Tablet contains a host of natural ingredients with antimicrobial and astringent properties. It is highly effective in eliminating common microorganisms that are responsible for acute and chronic infectious diarrhea. Ensures gastrointestinal (GI) health, this medication is an excellent antioxidant. In addition, it also has anti- inflammatory and demulcent properties, facilitating the healing of intestinal mucosa. Its antispasmodic action alleviates abdominal colic associated with bowel infection.
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  3. Ayurvedic Enzyme Tablets

    These Ayurvedic Enzyme Tablets normalize blood circulation, cleanse gastro intestinal tract as well as promote liver health. It is highly recommend in various digestive problems such as gastritis, hyperacidity, anorexia, flatulence, loss of appetite, indigestion and heart burns. These tablets are very useful as excellent enzyme activators and laxatives. The tablets have various health benefits that increase the working capacity, improve quality of daily routine and boost immunity.
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  4. Ayurvedic Digestive Tablets

    Ayurvedic Digestive Tablets is a total herbal remedy for gas, flatulence, colic pain due to gas and constipation. A traditional Ayurvedic formulation for strengthening weak digestive system, these tablets improve the digestive capability of intestines. It contains various carminative, aromatic and digestive herbs which reduce indigestion, gas formation and fermentation in the intestines, thus helps in natural digestive process. It stimulates the release of digestive juices through liver, pancreases and small intestine, thus restoring proper digestion by stimulating. 
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  5. Ayurvedic Gas Tablet

    Ayurvedic Gas Tablet is very useful in various conditions such as abdominal discomfort, abdominal pain, colic, and flatulence and bloating. It renormalizes the intestinal transit time. These tablets have antiflatulent, prebiotic, antiulcer, antacid, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, cholagogue, antimicrobial, membrane-modulating and antioxidant actions. It helps keep the abdomen light and at ease. These tablets contain 100% herbal and natural composition which is safe for long term use. We offer these ayurvedic tablets to clients at competitive prices.
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